About Us

TOP-LINE AUCTIONS became CAGLE’S FAMILY AUCTIONS in January 2009. The name change better reflected who we are and what we do. TOP-LINE AUCTIONS began in 1994 when Mike and His sister teamed up to have a weekly antique auction in CLYDE NC, due to time and life changing events that partnership dissolved. Mike continued to contract to be the Auctioneer at weekend general consignment Auctions in Asheville, NC and Northern Ga. In 2005 leases were lost and the Auction’s firms closed. By request from both the Sellers and Buyers TOP-LINE re-opened its doors in the existing Cagle’s’ Livestock Barn in Waynesville, NC for a Saturday night Tailgate Consignment Auction, that we continue to have today. 

Cagle’s Livestock Exchange began in 2000.  Mike was raised going to small animal auctions in the area, but had to drive three hours to get to the closest one. He had always wanted to open a small animal auction but space and property was not easy to find. So when the opportunity came in 1999 to buy property that would work the small animal auction was born.  As they Say the rest is History. 

CAGLE’S ESTATE SERVICE came about after Shirley had retired from 30 years in the Nursing field as a Nurse Case Manager. During her time as a Nurse out in the Field she would frequently encounter families that were struggling as to what was the  STUFF, overwhelmed going through it, to make decision on what direction the goods should go. Her gift to buy attention to the small details and joy of learning drove her to the filed appraisal and valuation. to assist those families that are struglling gave her the desire to  She recognized that there was a need out there. Shirley’s strong point was the ability to develop trust and relationships with the people that she was working with. In the State of NC in order to negotiate Auction Contracts the Auction Representative must be a designated person or a licensed Auctioneer. It was just s easy to become an Auctioneer, so in Nov of 2007 along with 3 of the Cagle adult children, attended Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. In July of 2008 Shirley received her Certified Estate Specialist, designation through the National Association of Auctioneering.

At Cagle’s Family Auctions you will find a whole family working together to obtain the same goal. Providing the best Auction customers service available to make all of our customers happy, both sellers and buyers so they will want to come back for more.

We do what we love and love what we do.

You’ll find us selling everything from tiny little chicks, Farm equipment, priceless Antiques, to just everyday goods. The 5 licensed auctioneers provide over 90 years of experience of being in and around the auction business. This experience is working for you. Each Auctioneer in the Family has strengths in certain areas, but together we have the ability to handle any situation with the knowledge and strength of the family.

We have earned our reputation as the most versatile auction team in Western North Carolina, Northeast GA. and Upper South Carolina. We built our business on the same foundations that our Family is built on, Love – Honesty – Integrity and willingness to share and giving back to the community, that has been so good to us.

Bring your family out to CAGLE’S FAMILY AUCTIONS where you will be treated like FAMILY.

We guarantee you’ll have fun. Sellers are greatly appreciated, and are always paid for their belongings in orderly fast manner. 

We consider auctions to be serious business.


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