Let Cagle’s Family Auctions help You with Your AUCTION MARKETING NEEDS

1) Cagle’s Livestock Exchange: 828-454-5501

Small animal auction every Saturday at 10am.                                       

If you are wanting to buy or sell healthy barn yard animals: goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and all feather friends or your small animal pets (no cats or dogs) bring them on Saturday Morning after 8am

The order of the Auction on Saturday Morning is Farm related merchandise is sold first, and then the goats and the chickens are sold last. 

If you wish to Sell Farm related stuff you can bring it after 8am. The larger items are sold outside, the smaller items are sold inside, pending availability of space. We often sell directly off of the trucks or trailers in the yard. 

If you want to Sell goats or sheep, Your goats or sheep will be check in with back tag numbers assigned.  You will receive a copy of the sign in sheet. This copy is required to be shown to the cashier when receiving your money after the goats and sheep have sold.  The USDA requires all goats and sheep to have scrapie ID tags. Cagle’s will place a scrapie market tag in the animals that are untagged. You will receive your payment for the goats once all of the goats have sold and all of the goat paper work is completed, not just yours,  this may take a few minutes, PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US.

If you are Buying Goats or Sheep: The goats and sheep are brought out one at a time or as the seller request them to be sold. They are able to be viewed before the sale in the barn stalls. You must show your paid receipt to the staff to assist you with removal of your goats or sheep. No goats or sheep are to be removed without assistance from staff.  

  If your wish to Sell Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits or any other small farm animals please bring in breathable cages. We line them up as you bring them. During the auction each animal is taken out of is container and held up to be sold. The Auctioneer and the seller have the choice on how the animals are sold. 

If your plan on Buying   Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits or any other small farm animals  please bring something to put what  you bought  in. Often the cages that the animals are brought in are not for sale.

If your animals appear sick you will not be able to unload your animals. We attempt to sell only healthy animals. We do not guarantee the health or condition of any animal.   

Sellers  will receive payment for the things that they sold, once all of the paper work for their items has been received in the office. If you have not picked up your payment by Monday, following the Auction it will be mailed to you at the address that we have on file


 2) Saturday Night Tail-gate  Auction: Every Saturday at 6 pm. the general public brings in items to sell at auction.  

                    We never know what there will be to sell.

If you are planning on SELLING general new or pre-owned merchandise you can sell it at our tailgate Auction. You need to be at the auction by 5:45 and sign up to sell. We sell in 30 min intervals. The seller pulls a number just before sale time to determine in what order they are to sell. The number one and two spot are reserved for small estates or left over seller from the week before. The seller drives through the Barn. The items are removed from the vehicle and sold at that time. The order and how the items are sold is up to the seller and the Auctioneer.  We never know who is going to sell or what. 

If you are planning on BUYING you must sign in at each sale and receive and colored BID card. We buy and sell buy bid cards only, with a different color each week. We charge a 10% buying Premium on all merchandise sold at night.    If you buy it you must haul it, unless prior arrangement is made with management. We do not reserve chairs, First come first to sit.      


Sellers will receive payment for the things that was brought to sell once all of the paper work has been received in the office.


3) Cagle’s Estate Services.  A Transition Management Service

 If You are: SETTLING AN ESTATE, MOVING TO A SMALLER HOME, MOVING OUT OF STATE, A CHANGE IN LIFE SITUATIONS, or ASSITING SOMEONE WITH DOWNSIZING, Cagle’s Estate Services may be able to help. Shirley will come out to meet with you to determine what direction would be best to reach your goals and needs. She can assist you in contacting the correct people for the tasks that are needed. The tasks that we  may be able to assist with   includes cleaning, sorting, packing, moving and selling; farm, personal, business  and real property (with the aid of licensed Real Estate Broker) to selling ready.  We can do all the work for you.

We utilize our professional skills and abilities to reach the best monetary result that is possible

Our job is to Market your Items and present them in a positive fashion to attract the best buyers for your merchandise. We can use the media that best fit your needs. Our commissions is based on what your needs are and how much we assist you in meeting those needs.

We offered free no obligation confidential evaluations.

The Cagle’s are dedicated to their business, They personally Follow-up on all   potential clients.  They explain their business, how they operate, commissions and most important, what kind of job they can do for you.  Cagle’s do not pick and choose out of a home or off the Farm. We love having the high price   antiques,   but   we are obligated as Professional Auctioneers to treat all of your belongings the same as the high end antiques.  Mike and/or Shirley will meet with to evaluate your needs. They will set a plan to meet your personal goals. The plan may include the auction method of marketing the whole estate, or DIRECT PURCHASE, what best meets the customers’ needs. We will treat all your items with the same respect that you have given your STUFF through the years. 

Our CUSTOMER SERVICES is the difference

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